Camera, Lighting, Color
This is by far the biggest and most ambitious project I've been a part of. This series was born out of a true brainstorming meeting where no idea was a bad idea. 
Someone said we should make a comedy show about Project Management and the idea just stuck. This entire project was handled in it's entirety by the two-person video team at TeamGantt.
The writing process took one person (with some very limited help from me) about six months. We took another three months or so for casting, finding locations, and just general logistical planning. While this was a HUGE project, it was experimental enough that we couldn't just drop all our other work completely so it was a bit of a juggling act for a while. Once all the planning and casting was done, it was time to shoot. 
We scheduled two weeks for principal photography. And man, I gotta say, we nailed it. We got everything shot across six locations and wrapped almost a half-day early.  Post production took about another 3 months (did I mention it was just two of us working on this?). 
The video here is the trailer for the entire series. Check out the playlist on TeamGantt's YouTube channel for the full series.
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